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Landscaping in Harwich Port MA

A friend of mine recently started looking for a landscaping company and as he owns a little cottage in Harwich Port Massachusetts also referred to as MA, I decided to help him out a little bit. His requirements were not that serious as he doesn’t spend tons of time in his home on Cape Cod, and although we had not seen each other for a few years I decided to give him a hand with the search as I’ve owned a house in Harwich Port MA myself for about 10 years, so I knew some people. Surprisingly or not his old landscaping company – or the company that he used before wasn’t bad at all and I asked why he didn’t refer to them, but there was some unfinished business between them or something and we just couldn’t get the landscaping crew to come to his home. Fortunately for him I have a friend of mine that owns a little restaurant in a nearby town on Cape Cod called Dennis Port and this although she’s a woman, she owns a really successful landscaping business that serves Harwich Port MA as well. Although I was yet to find out that she had the business working really seriously and it was going to be almost impossible for us to work a deal that would suit him, I did put in my charm and made her consider it. His property needed some mulch and a bit of hard work to trim some bushes because he had just bought the house, but nothing too bad.

That’s how he wanted his bushes to look after the mulch was applied from what he told me

landscaping Harwich Port MA

Landscaping in Harwich port MA

He really wanted a solid crew to work and as these are not easy to find nowadays especially in Harwich Port MA, we went ahead and made a serious effort to look for the proper crew that would suite his needs.

We made a little checklist of what the landscapers in Harwich should have as a company and here it is:

  • We wanted them to be insured
  • The landscaping crew needed to have the proper trimmers
  • The landscaping staff needed to be prepared to work overtime
  • They needed to provide their own landscaping equipment and not ask for crazy amounts of money

After we had this all settled there was a bit of internet searching and we found out that this crew of landscaping pros was offering their service in Harwich Port as well as a couple of other towns on Cape Cod such as Chatham, Hyannis, Orleans and even Provincetown.

landscaping crew in Harwich Port MA

Landscaping crew in Harwich Port MA

It turned out that my friend’s company couldn’t really help us a lot with that and their prices weren’t even that low so he had to settle with one which was far from perfect on paper, but turned out to be extremely good if you read about them. I really loved what they did for him and honestly couldn’t believe the amazing quality of their work, considering how much he paid for the whole job. All landscaping business was taken care of in just two days and none of the workers had anything to complain about. It turned out that the workers were actually from Bulgaria or some Eastern European country but that was quite alright as they had a boss who was from the US so we dealt with him the whole time.

We took pictures of all the trimming, the mulch application process and I have to say that for a landscaping company in Harwich Port in Massachusetts – MA they perform one hell of a good job.

Here’s the end result of their landscaping work that we both really liked.

landscaping workers harwich por ma

landscaping workers in harwich port ma

The final job was superb and I honestly couldn’t have loved it better. I know that I’ll be using their services as well at one point, but we’ll have to see when. It’s really wonderful to know that there are such great companies on Cape Cod and MA in general. It’s no surprise that they serve all cities on the Cape including Harwich Port, but it was still surprising how affordable the services they offered were.


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A day in Hyde Park – West Kensington   no comments

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After spending lots of time in London I have to honestly say what really impressed me the most and that’s certainly Hyde Park. As I mentioned in a previous post this park really reminded me of Central Park and the times that I spent in New York City studying to become a judge before I moved to North Carolina. Hyde Park is a really remarkable place and it’s honestly it really holds the first place with Central park in my top for in-city parks around the world. Not that there are tons of parks that I’ve been around the world and the only ones that could stand to the magnificence of this one are probably the city park in Munich, Central park in New York and may be Boston Common in Boston – which is probably 3 times smaller than all of the others in the list, but has this amazing romantic feeling to it. Anyway Hyde Park is located in this part of London called West Kensington which is really clean and represents the whole city of London remarkably well. The thing that impressed me the most in Hyde Park was how people were letting their dogs run around without anyone disturbing them. This cannot happen in the US for a number of reasons, but I loved it. There were lots of liberties that people in London and the United Kingdom as well have that we just don’t in the United States, but oh well, what are going to do.

dogs walking around in hyde park

Here are a couple of dogs walking freely around the park


The other thing that impressed me a lot were the people that were on horses as this park has a separate part which ensures that the horses are well taken care of as well. As a horse lover and owner I know how important it is to keep the hoofs of horses off hard grounds such as asphalt, but the people of London have this taken care of. The city is actually so sophisticated that not only Hyde Park has this horse trail which is wonderful. They also have buttons on the traffic lights that are made for the horse riders to easily use them.

horses in hyde park west kensington

Horse riding in Hyde Park

There are lots of things that impress but a few are as impressive as that.

buttons for traffic lights west kensington

Buttons for horse rides in West Kensington

I’m not sure if this is a common thing around the whole United Kingdom or it’s just down in West Kensington and around Hyde Park which are close by, but if it’s just there they should have it all around the city. It’s something I was impressed with and surely lots of people are as well. Overall London is one beautiful city which impressed me more and more with the time I spent there and would impress you as well if you stay there for longer than a week.

There were lots of other things in this part of London referred to as West Kensington and here are a few more. I actually found this website here and read on what to look for around this part of the town. My daughter obviously decided to check the equivalent of TJ Maxx  which is ironically called TK Maxx, I’m assuming because of the United Kingdom, but who knows. There was one at the southwest corner of Hyde Park and she enjoyed although I wanted to enjoy other things such as the spectacular rowing artificial lake that they have. You could use it for rowing boats and others and me and Haley did.

haley next to the lake

Here’s Haley next to the lake

We then went for about an hour in the lake which was one of the best times me and her have had and I will cherish this moment my entire life. Hopefully this blog will help me preserve the moment.

We had a blast and I honestly can’t wait to come back to West Kensington and Hyde Park as it’s easily my favorite place in London and the UK so far.

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Our trip to London was really cool.   no comments

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After a long time spent in Oxford for better or worse with most of my time here in the United Kingdom almost up, me and Haley decided to come here in London and see what this city had to offer. After a little bit of hassle as for the traffic and right handed cars we got used to it and started walking around the city. My princess Haley really liked the city as we went on the ferris wheel known as the EPL London Eye or whatever the name of it is. The view of it is really great and you can see most things around London from it. From this moment onward we went to the St.Paul’s Cathedral where I know that Margaret Thatcher’s barrial ceremony was held. Anyway there were simply tons of sights that we were able to enjoy around London, but I just fell in love with Hyde Park. This particular place was so peaceful and reminds me of Central Park in New York city a lot. We traveled around the city and as I really love Soccer I decided that we could go to the stadium of one of the famous soccer stadiums and clubs in the city called Arsenal FC. Their stadium looked great and I even got a picture of it on Instagram

Here’s the picture of it here

arsenal stadium london uk

Emirates Stadium of Arsenal FC

We enjoyed our stay there for a little bit and then went to visit a couple of beautiful museums. I’m personally a museum fanatic and I especially love the Natural history museums . It was a lovely time for both me and Haley and we then went around for her to do a little shopping as she needed to get some clothes. We decided that it wouldn’t be as expensive for her to just buy some new clothing while she’s here in the UK studying and there were a couple of really great shops that we went to. There were really great and a time well spent. After riding the London tube, we went to collect a receipt from the carpet cleaners that did the job in her home in Oxford that I talked about in the previous post. We also went and picked up a friend of hers that is going to be living in her place in Oxford for a couple of weeks. She is going to help my Haley with the transition hopefully and they’ll spend some time around the house and see what they can do. Anyway, I then left them to do a little more shopping around the city and I went to visit a couple of other museums such as the

  • Science Museum
  • The British museum
  • The Museum of London and the V&A museum.

Just a heads up for anyone else who’s planning on going to this city and is a museum lover like myself, these museums are all with a free admission, something we rarely see in our country unfortunately. I wish that more countries had such amazing facilities with a free admission just to educate their population. I then saw some street performers and there was actually some sort of a fest just next to the river Thames on the opposite side of the Buckingham Palace next to the London Eye, which was pretty much the place where I ended up just about every couple of hours.

Here’s the video I made for my wife to see afterwards here

The performers were spectacular and there were lots of others as well that did all sorts of tricks, but I just didn’t have the time to see each and every show out there, but there is enough to see if you’re a person who likes that sort of stuff.

Anyway, I’ll wrap this up for now, as we’re going out to dinner as we’re back in Oxford now, but I’ll post another post on our visit to London as it was just really interesting and I didn’t even cover half the stuff we did!

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My first trip to the United Kingdom and Oxford with my daughter   1 comment

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After a while of absence I decided to revive the blog to suite my needs to contact the people who are still interested in me and my thoughts about things that surround me in my everyday life. I have been involved in tons of activities around my job as a judge for quite a while now, but I decided to not talk about that and just tell you about my daily life instead of boring you with stuff that isn’t all that interesting. I am extremely happy to post this first post and dedicate it to my daughter Haley which has finally decided to do the right thing and go and study abroad for a year. I was really encouraging her to do this as she is is a real trooper and I really think that she deserves to go and get this for herself more than myself. She is studying in the prestigious university of Oxford in the United Kingdom and I couldn’t be more proud of her. We have actually decided to go together with her there and I’ll be taking a leave of absence for a couple of weeks from work so I can get her settled in in her new apartment. We couldn’t get her into a dorm because we really want her to have her own place and she’s probably going to get a her sister going to the same school in just a couple of years anyway.

oxford home for my daughter

Here’s where she’ll be living

I actually love how 2014 is panning out so far as lots of things around my family are going well and this is certainly one of them.  I’ll keep updating this thread to let you know how she’s dealing with her move to Oxford and hopefully we’ll get her settled in quickly.

Update 26. Feb. 2014

We just got her settled in in her new apartment and after we got a cleaning company to perform her end of tenancy tenancy cleaning in Oxford, before she moved in, I believe that we got everything ready for her now. As for the moving of her stuff from the US, we actually sent them through USPS via a parcel shipment. It was a little more expensive than we thought it would be, but definitely beats the alternative of bringing all the stuff with us on the plane. For what it’s worth the cleaning of her apartment here in Oxford was quite affordable with this Royal Cleaning company which we found. It is definitely better price than what I expected. I actually had to browse through a few cleaning company websites here and finally settled in with this one as the other carpet cleaning company that I found was a bit more expensive. Anyway enough with the cleaning, as most of the stuff around her moving to Oxford was done in just less than a week, I decided to try the great hiking boots I bought in 2014 and just went ahead and went on a trail here near Oxford. The trail’s name was Thames river walk or something like that, a trail which I found on the website that I just linked to. It was a great way to spend my time and as my daughter loves hiking too, she enjoyed our walk as well (or at least I think she did)

So far we’re looking good and I should be able to leave by the end of my vacation time in a week time, but we’ll see how goes.

Her new apartment in Oxford is beautiful but here’s what we still have to do:

  • Find a proper transportation way, probably buy her a car – but don’t tell her.
  • Find a date for me to leave as my return ticket is still opened.
  • Decide if she’s going to get regular cleaners for her home or let her deal with this stuff herself.
  • Prepare for a separation (I don’t even know how her mom is dealing with that back in the US)

I am sure that she’ll love Oxford and considering that London is pretty close by – around 70 miles away, she’ll have plenty of things to do there during her weekends from School.  London is a great city, which offers lots of things and I’m actually traveling there in two days to enjoy some of that British royalty that I have so far only seen on TV, so wish me luck!


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